Harry Glinberg and his famous diamonds, really?

Harry Glinberg

The jeweler Harry Glinberg is maybe, one of the most important businessman today. He founded a company in 1998 with few employees and he made public relations with athletes in the stadiums.

Glinberg is a person who knows very well the gemstones, because he studied gemology in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin and his favorite is diamond.

He is very recognised for his detailed, punctual and beautiful works. And this skills give him the authority to give advices to person who has looking for a special jewel.

He recommends a graduate gemologist looks at whatever diamond you are purchasing. Unfortunately, not all jewelers are honest and they may try to pass a clarity-enhanced diamond as natural.

But, if you’re really short on funds, purchase a cubic zirconia ring and upgrade later, said Glinberg. He advises buy Mossainite, a mineral that looks similar to a diamond and is cheaper than that.

Harry Glinberg and his experience in jewelry

The jeweler has a large clients list, principaly athletes, but in this list a singer stands out: Justin Bieber, who bought a very special watch and other exclusive design pieces.

Justin is known in social media for wearing casual clothes with a luxury pieces of Tom Ford and Gucci. He bought in Harry Glinberg store an exclusive watch “Jacob”, along with a pair of custom hoop earrings and a “Pharaoh” diamond necklace.

In the jewelry’s website you can see the photos of Harry with the celebrities who have visited his store and the picture with Justin is the most popular.

Other clients in the list are New York Giants players to the Golden State Warriors, television presenters, showman, etc. This jeweler has earned the love and confidence for his detailed and timely work. But he wants all people visit the store and he will have an special product for your tastes and occasions.

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