Kim Kardashian is accused to stole jewelry concepts

kim kardashian
kim kardashian

Designer Tanaya Henry is accusing Kim Kardashian of stealing her photo concept and lip jewelry in the reality star’s latest beauty campaign for her pink lip tones. She even called Kim, Kanye and the Kardashians all ‘trash.’

Polemic social media celebrity , 37, and photographer Marcus Hyde are being accused of ripping off a style and photoshoot idea by LA-based designer, Tanaya Henry. She claims that entire concept was originally derived from her and this works is not recognised.

This scandal emerged in Tanaya’s Instagram account with this message: “Shoutout to @kimkardashian and @marcushyde for completely jacking NOT ONLY my concept, but #LIPLACE too! Crazy part is @marcushyde was my friend long before he started working with @kanyewest & @kimkardashian and has shot @lacebytanaya countless times, but because he got a check out of this, he says it’s not his problem. Kim, you’ve pulled my product & you could’ve again for this shoot. Your whole family’s worn @lacebytanaya. You guys know who I am and you know my shit but pretend you don’t. I just said hi to Kanye on FaceTime 4 days ago. You guys are trash.”

Evidence against Kim Kardashian

Below this message, Henry put screenshots of Kim’s tweets, advertising the images from her new lip color. In the snaps, Kim is posing with a lip ring in the middle of her bottom, while seductively licking her teeth and those images of Kim appear nearly identical to the images Henry then revealed in a second post.

Henry’s second post featured a collage of throwback images from her line, Lace by Tanaya. In the photos, models can be seen wearing her lip jewelry, while posing with facial expressions similar to Kim’s. As mentioned, these were throwback images, meaning they were taken before Kim’s.

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